ALADN System Solutions develop tailored Web-Based Database Applications that are custom built for individual business needs.

While ALADN can design and develop any custom application, we specialise in designing and developing business management systems. Applications which support and/or automate business processes so as to assist decision making, track company performance, record customer history and where required, manage client interaction.

Every enterprise has their own unique way they like to do business and this is what separates us from our competitors. Applications tailored to your business help reinforce that competitive edge. While off the shelf applications are often complex and inflexible, custom built solutions are simpler and more powerful because they focus only on the functions required by the business and more importantly, they are able to grow and evolve with you and your business.

Client testimonials

“The new system does everything promised of it. Importantly, it has freed our staff for other duties such as service to our members.”
Trish Stoddart (Office Manager)
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