ALADN have developed many applications over the years for specific industry niches. Some of these are listed below.

iReg is an exciting new Event Management system designed for organisations who run ongoing events like Training Courses, Demonstrations, Public Speaking Engagements or similar.

iReg is a web based application and includes a module for clients (or attendees) to register and manage their bookings online, as well as an administration module providing organisers with full Event Management and Reporting facilities, including automated confirmations and reminders.

Click here for more information about iReg, including online demonstrations.

iFreshAgent is an application designed for agents who sell fresh produce on consignment, on behalf of suppliers (growers). In summary, Deliveries are used to place Produce into Stock, which are then Sold. The Sale Price determines Supplier Payments which then generates Supplier Receipts.

iFreshAgent is a web based application which allows users to access the system securely, from any internet connected PC. This connectivity makes it possible for chosen suppliers (usually interstate suppliers) to access the system and enter their own deliveries remotely

Click here for more information about iFreshAgent, including online demonstrations.

i-CARE is an Incident Reporting and Investigation system developed in association with Safety Wise Solutions, a Melbourne based company that provides Occupational Health & Safety Consulting and Training services to organisations around the world.

i-CARE is a web based application which facilitates the Reporting and Investigation of workplace Incidents, managing the workflow from Reporting, to Management Review and if required, Incident Investigation using the ICAM Investigation Model. Resulting Corrective Actions from investigations can also be allocated and tracked via this system and all aspects of reporting and investigation can be electronically distributed and graphically reported.

For more information, including an i-CARE online demonstration, please visit the Safety Wise Solutions web site and navigate to Software via the Products menu.

Client testimonials

“I have always found the service and solutions provided by ALADN System Solutions nothing short of excellent.”
Andrew Shanahan (Managing Director)
Andrew’s Airport Parking
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